Driveshaft Specialists

A driveshaft can become unbalanced through general wear and tear of the driveline. If left unchecked, serious and potentially expensive issues can arise for the entire driveline, not to mention the risk of damage to other parts.

TurnTru Machining Ltd use specialised and incredibly accurate driveshaft balancing equipment to fix your driveshaft, no matter what the issue. If your driveshaft is beyond repair, we can rebuild it to perfectly suit your requirements, allowing you to get back to business as soon as possible.

We can replace individual, damaged or unreliable parts (such as universal joints, bent driveshafts) or rebuild the entire driveshaft from scratch. TurnTru Machining Ltd can also build a custom driveshaft solution, or we can lengthen or shorten your existing driveshafts to suit your specific needs – no problem too big or too small.