TurnTru Tips

Race Car Driveshafts

During the off season is a good time to take your driveshaft out of your car and give it a good going over.

  • Check the universal joints for wear and looseness.
  • Check the universal joint cups aren’t turning in the eyes
  • Can you feel any vibration coming through the car and then go away again
  • Any dints in the tube
  • Cracked welds

All of these faults can put you out of racing for the day if any of these were to fail, along with possible gearbox/diff damage.

Get your driveshaft into us for its yearly pre-race check and balance.

Checked Out Your Centre Bearings Lately?

  • Don’t wait until your next Certificate of Fitness (COF) inspection picks up wear and tear in your centre bearing assembly. Get your driveshaft centre bearings checked during every service of your vehicle.
  • Wear and damage to your centre bearing assembly could result in major failure of your driveshaft.
  • If left undetected such damage could result in your valuable vehicle having to be parked up on the side of the road, awaiting major repairs to be carried out.
  • Our friendly TurnTru Machining team know just how important it is to get your vehicle back on the road with minimal down time.

Noticed a Change In Your Vehicle’s Vibration?

Such changes could be easily resolved by undertaking a quick inspection to identify any worn components.  Worn components can lead to imbalance of your driveshaft.  TurnTru Machining Ltd will replace any worn or damaged components, balance your driveshaft, bringing it back to new again.

Looking After Your Driveshaft

Taking a few simple steps to look after your driveshaft will help maintain performance and prevent future problems.


  • Lubricating your driveshaft at regular intervals will help reduce premature failure.
  • Keeping your driveshaft balanced will reduce unnecessary wear not only on your driveshaft but also running gear components.
  • Regularly checking for gauges or dents on the driveshaft tube which could cause imbalance resulting in vibration in your vehicle.